Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What we do for fun!

Places we like to hang out
By: Yujin Cho, Michelle Rah, and Sue Bae
Edited by: Annette Varkey

There are many places that American teens like to hang out at. On the weekends, during school breaks, and summer vacations is when we have the oppurtunity to do so. The number one place teens hang out at is the mall; specifically a place for girls to hang out at. At the mall we have a variety of clothing stores in which people can buy anything they want. In addition, there is the food court and the movie theater in which friends enjoy hanging out at. There are also a variety of resteraunts and cafes that teens enjoy going to. Menchies (frozen yogurt cafe) is a very popular hang out spot, in addition to Starbucks Coffee shop. Many teens enjoy bowling, skating at the skate park, going roller blading/ice skating, going to theme parks, and even going to the beach. Parties are also very popular in America along with Dance Clubs.

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