Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Events

Events of American high Schools
by Annette Varkey, Sara Mussa, Ula Jun

  • In American high school, events are based around school sports, national holidays, fundraisers, and student entertainment. These events are called assemblies. Assemblies occur once every two months. These assemblies shorten the time for each class that day.
  • At assemblies, students perform skits, dances, and discuss upcoming school or sporting events.
  • At assemblies, students show their school spirit. School spirit is taking pride in your school and showing it by dressing in your school colors. Like how Koreans dress up for the world cup soccer games in red and white , students dress up in their school colors, or sometimes, the colors of each grades [freshmen(9), sophomore(10), junior(11), senior(12)]
  • High schools have sports teams that compete agaisnt other schools in their state. At these competitions, students support their schools by showing school spirit.
  • To support sports and clubs financially, students raise money through fundraisers. Fundraisers are events geared towards raising money towards a certain cause. These events helps pay for fees and sports equipments so that the school does not have to pay for them. One way students fundraise for their school is by holding school dances.
  • School dances are after school events (usually held during the weekends) in which boys and girls come together (oftenly as "dates") and dance. The atmosphere and the mood is like the night clubs in Korea. Most widely known dances are the homecoming dance, which is held in the beginning of the school year, and prom, which is held at the end of the school year.
  • The most important school dance of the year is the Prom. Prom is a reward for the graduating students. Boys ask girls to prom in speical and unique ways. They dress very formall in gowns and tuxedos. They eat at special restaurants and the dance is usually held at a special location. For example, at our school (Todd Beamer High School), our prom last year was held at the Seattle Aquarium.
  • As you can see, the American High School experience is not complete without these important events.

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